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Environmental science and community focused mobile apps

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From surveying whales in Antarctica to helping cocoa farmers in Ghana or monitoring the wildlife in the UK. Since 2014, we've been helping leading organisations and various communities around the world with the collection and management of environmental data.

Our services

Bring your ideas to life

From technical and data strategy, through solutions architecture and design, to full-stack project implementations.


We offer expertise in identifying your key technical needs and devising an optimal digital strategy that aligns with your goals.


We prioritise user experiences and interfaces that are both streamlined and visually engaging. Clean and efficient designs that enhance the UX and improve functionality.

Full-stack engineering

Our engineering services draw from years of experience working with a diverse range of technologies, including databases, programming languages, and mobile device-specific technologies.

Help & Support

We keep you on the right track by supporting your growth with expert consultancy, hosting services and much more.

Some of our clients

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Our Team

We're nerds with a mission - to bring our love for technology and the natural world to projects all around the world.

Karolis Kazlauskis
Senior Software Engineer
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A full-stack engineer with over 9 years of experience delivering complex semantic web-based platforms and mobile applications for collection and dissemination of environmental data.

Vilius Stankaitis
Software Engineer
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A front-end software developer with his roots in electronic engineering. He is very quick in picking up new technologies and finding creative ways to solve a problem.